Delivery Charge Per Trip
0-5 miles $50 (Single Axle Dump Truck) or $99 (Flatbed Truck with Forklift)
6-10 miles $65 (Single Axle Dump Truck) or $149 (Flatbed Truck with Forklift)
11-20 miles $95 (Single Axle Dump Truck) or $199 (Flatbed Truck with Forklift)

  • Bulk mulch, topsoil, and gravel are delivered with a medium-sized dump truck. All palletized products and super sacks are delivered with a flatbed truck with forklift.
  • Due to the weight of our trucks and the material, it’s hauling we do not leave paved surfaces. All materials are dumped in the driveway or on the street.
  • Our drivers are professionals and will make the final decision on where to dump the material based on the safety of your property and the dump truck.
  • You do not need to be present for the delivery, however, to ensure proper placement of the material, we highly recommend your presence. If you can NOT be on site, please place an inanimate object (tarp, crossed shovels, X marks the spot with sidewalk chalk, cones, buckets…) in the area where you would like the material dumped. Keep in mind that certain factors may prevent us from placing materials in the desired location.
  • It’s not common that the dyed mulches will stain your driveway, but we recommend that you place a tarp down when accepting dyed mulches.
  • Trucks need a minimum of 10 feet of width to pass through gates.
  • Mother nature usually has her own plan and can be very different than ours. When its raining, snowing or freezing we may not be able to complete your delivery. We will do everything we can to get your material delivered on time, but weather may dictate rescheduling. Our first priority is keeping you and your property safe.
  • Please try and keep pets and children out of the vicinity during the delivery. Drivers are unable to see objects in their mirrors that are directly behind the truck.
  • Minimum delivery for mulch and soil is 3 cubic yards. Minimum delivery for rock, gravel, or other aggregate is 3 tons. Minimum delivery for pine straw is 30 bales