With the arrival of autumn, it’s time to equip your landscape for the seasonal transition. At Mountain High Landscape Supply, we understand the significance of fall landscaping in preserving the beauty of your outdoor space.

Soil Preparation

As temperatures cool, focus on fortifying your soil. Incorporate organic matter like compost or mulch into your garden beds. Our premium-quality mulches not only enhance soil health but also aid in moisture retention and weed suppression, giving your landscape an edge for the coming season.

Mulching Mastery

Mulching isn’t just a functional task; it’s an art form. Create a protective layer over your garden beds to shield plant roots from temperature fluctuations and frost. Explore our diverse range of mulch options—cedar, pine, or hardwood—to suit your landscape’s aesthetic and functional needs.

Seasonal Planting

Fall marks an opportune time for planting shrubs, trees, and perennials. Take advantage of the moderate temperatures to establish strong root systems. Our selection of premium soil and soil blends are perfect for helping give these plants a thriving environment.

Stone and Paver Maintenance

Inspect your stone pathways and pavers for any signs of damage or displacement. Addressing these issues now prevents further deterioration during harsh weather. Explore our collection of durable stones and pavers designed to withstand the elements while adding character to your landscape.

Sustainable Irrigation Solutions

Prepare your irrigation system for the cooler months ahead. Consider installing drip irrigation systems or making adjustments to conserve water and maintain optimal soil moisture. Our eco-conscious irrigation products support efficient water use, promoting a healthy landscape while being mindful of environmental impact.

Fall Foliage Cleanup

Embrace the beauty of autumn foliage while also managing its aftermath. Rake and collect fallen leaves to prevent them from smothering your lawn or garden beds. Turn this seasonal chore into an opportunity by composting leaves for nutrient-rich soil amendments.

Winterization Preparations

Protect your landscape from winter’s harshness by applying a layer of protective mulch around vulnerable plants. Consider burlap wraps for young trees to shield them from frost. Our array of winterization materials ensures your landscape stays resilient and vibrant throughout the colder months.


At Mountain High Landscape Supply, we understand the importance of preserving the allure of your outdoor space. As the seasons change, our commitment to providing premium landscaping supplies and expert advice remains unwavering. By tending to these essential fall landscaping tasks, you not only uphold the beauty of your landscape but also ensure its longevity and vitality.

Let this fall be a testament to the harmony between nature’s transition and your landscape’s resilience. Elevate your outdoor space with our quality supplies and expert recommendations, ensuring a landscape that embodies the essence of every season.