Landscaping is an art, and at Mountain High Landscape Supply, we understand the profound impact that quality materials can have on transforming outdoor spaces into breathtaking havens of beauty and functionality. Among the many offerings that embellish landscapes, blown-in decorative mulches in red, brown, and black hues stand out for their versatility and allure.

Crafting Visual Masterpieces with Blown-In Mulches

Our blown-in decorative mulches redefine landscape aesthetics, offering a refined texture and consistent application that elevates any outdoor environment. The diverse range of red, brown, and black mulches available at Mountain High Landscape Supply opens doors to endless creative possibilities for homeowners and professional landscapers alike.

Red Mulch: Vibrancy Meets Functionality

The vivid red mulch we provide isn’t just visually striking—it serves a dual purpose. Beyond its eye-catching appeal in garden beds and pathways, red mulch aids in moderating soil temperature and retaining essential moisture for plant health, making it both beautiful and functional.

Brown Mulch: Natural Elegance, Sustainable Charm

Our brown mulch exudes natural elegance, seamlessly integrating with diverse landscapes. Crafted from high-quality organic materials, it not only enhances the aesthetics of your space but also promotes soil health and enriches the ecosystem.

Black Mulch: Timeless Sophistication, Lasting Beauty

The deep, rich tones of our black mulch provide a canvas that accentuates the vibrancy of surrounding flora. Beyond its aesthetic appeal, this mulch serves as an effective weed suppressor and moisture retainer, ensuring a pristine landscape while nurturing healthy plant growth.

Practical Benefits, Sustainable Solutions

Beyond their captivating beauty, blown-in decorative mulches from Mountain High Landscape Supply offer an array of practical benefits for your landscape:

Weed Control: Say goodbye to frequent weeding with our mulches acting as a protective barrier against unwanted growth.

Soil Preservation: Our mulches aid in moisture retention and soil insulation, fostering optimal conditions for plant growth while reducing water consumption.

Erosion Management: Protect your landscape’s integrity by minimizing soil erosion in sloped areas, ensuring the longevity of your outdoor spaces.

Installation Excellence and Ongoing Maintenance

At Mountain High Landscape Supply, we pride ourselves on delivering not just quality products but exceptional service as well:

Precise Installation: Our skilled professionals employ expert blowing techniques for an even, clean application of mulch, ensuring a seamless finish.

Maintenance Guidance: We offer guidance on maintaining your mulched landscape, from periodic replenishments to proper raking techniques, ensuring enduring beauty and functionality.


Blown-in decorative red, brown, and black mulches from Mountain High Landscape Supply are more than just landscaping elements; they are the cornerstone of creating picturesque outdoor spaces that captivate the senses while nurturing healthy, sustainable environments.

With our commitment to excellence in products and service, let Mountain High Landscape Supply be your partner in transforming your landscape visions into stunning realities that endure the test of time.

For inquiries, expert advice, and premium mulching solutions, contact Mountain High Landscape Supply today.