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Title: “Creating an Enchanting Fire Pit Area: Using Natural Stones, Rocks, Boulders, and Gravels from Mountain High Landscape Supply”

Imbuing your outdoor space with the warmth and allure of a fire pit area can transform it into a captivating haven for relaxation and gatherings. Crafting this space with natural elements such as stones, rocks, boulders, and gravels from Mountain High Landscape Supply adds a touch of rustic elegance. Here’s a comprehensive guide on building a mesmerizing fire pit area using these natural materials:

Materials Needed:

Natural Stones: Varied sizes of stones for constructing the fire pit and surrounding area.

Rocks and Boulders: Larger, sturdy rocks and boulders to create visual interest and act as seating or decorative elements.

Gravels: Different grades of gravel for the base and pathways.

Masonry Adhesive or Cement: For securing stones and boulders in place.

Measuring Tape and Level: To ensure precise measurements and a level surface.

Shovel and Rake: For excavation and smoothing out the gravel.

Safety Gear: Gloves, eye protection, and sturdy footwear for handling heavy stones and rocks.

Step-by-Step Guide:

1. Planning and Layout Design:

Determine the location and size of your fire pit area, considering safety distances and local regulations.

Sketch a layout design, incorporating seating areas, pathways, and the fire pit location.

2. Preparing the Area:

Clear the designated space, removing any debris, vegetation, or obstacles.

Mark the layout using stakes, string, or spray paint based on your design.

3. Excavation and Base Preparation:

Excavate the marked area to create a level surface for the fire pit and seating.

Add a layer of gravel to the excavated area for drainage, around 2-4 inches deep. Compact it evenly with a rake.

4. Constructing the Fire Pit:

Begin by assembling the fire pit using natural stones, arranging them in a circular or desired shape.

Stack the stones securely, interlocking them and ensuring a stable structure.

Apply masonry adhesive or cement between the stones for added strength.

5. Incorporating Rocks, Boulders, and Pathways:

Position larger rocks and boulders strategically around the fire pit area, creating natural seating or decorative focal points.

Lay out pathways using gravel, using different grades or sizes for visual interest.

6. Finishing Touches:

Enhance the aesthetic appeal by adding smaller stones or gravel to fill gaps or borders.

Verify the levelness of stones, rocks, and pathways, adjusting if necessary.

7. Safety Measures and Final Checks:

Prior to using the fire pit, ensure that all stones, rocks, and boulders are securely placed.

Adhere to fire safety guidelines and regulations when lighting and maintaining the fire pit area.


Crafting a fire pit area using natural stones, rocks, boulders, and gravels from Mountain High Landscape Supply elevates your outdoor space with natural beauty and functionality. Ensure attention to safety during construction and fire usage. Gather around the mesmerizing flames, surrounded by the natural allure of your handcrafted fire pit area.

For personalized guidance, high-quality materials, or further assistance, consult the knowledgeable team at Mountain High Landscape Supply to embark on your journey of creating a stunning fire pit area harmonizing with nature’s elements!