Playgrounds are cherished spaces where children engage in physical activity, develop social skills, and let their imaginations run wild. While designing and installing play structures is crucial, ensuring the safety of these spaces is equally important. One key element that often goes unnoticed is the playground fall zone. This article explores the significance of fall zones, the importance of certified surfacing, and the role of Mountain High Landscape Supply in creating secure and enjoyable play environments.

Understanding Fall Zones:

A fall zone is the designated area surrounding a playground structure where a child might land if they fall. It is a critical safety consideration and is designed to minimize the risk of injuries by providing a cushioned surface. The dimensions of a fall zone vary depending on the height of the play equipment. It is essential to adhere to safety guidelines and regulations to create a secure environment for children to play freely.

Importance of Certified Surfacing:

The type of surfacing within the fall zone is paramount to preventing injuries. A certified playground surfacing material is engineered to absorb impact, reducing the severity of falls. Common certified surfacing options include rubber mulch, engineered wood fiber, and rubber tiles. These materials undergo rigorous testing to meet safety standards, ensuring they provide the necessary protection in case of accidents.

Mountain High Landscape Supply: A Trusted Partner in Playground Safety:

Mountain High Landscape Supply has emerged as a trusted partner in the mission to create safe and enjoyable playgrounds. As a provider of high-quality landscaping and play area materials, Mountain High Landscape Supply offers a range of certified surfacing options suitable for various playground settings.

Rubber Mulch:

Made from recycled rubber, rubber mulch is an eco-friendly option that provides excellent impact absorption.

Available in various colors, it adds aesthetic appeal to play areas while ensuring safety.

Engineered Wood Fiber:

Composed of wood fibers specifically processed for playground use, engineered wood fiber offers natural aesthetics and superior impact attenuation.

It is easy to install and maintain, making it a practical choice for playground safety surfacing


Playground safety should always be a top priority in any community. By understanding the importance of fall zones and using certified surfacing materials, we can create environments where children can play without unnecessary risks. Mountain High Landscape Supply’s commitment to providing high-quality materials ensures that playgrounds are not only visually appealing but also meet the highest safety standards. Let’s work together to build playgrounds where laughter and joy can thrive, knowing that the foundation beneath every leap and tumble is one of safety and security.